Jewish Learning for the masses

Welcome to Hevria.Academy, the home for any Jews and non-Jews who are desperate for a different approach to accessing their spirituality and creativity.  Hevria.Academy uses the latest in online educational technology to totally immerse you in an interactive learning experience. This isn't a site where you sit in front of the screen for an hour watching a video.  Our courses aren't webinars or whiteboards or audio or even just text.

We have gone beyond that to give you an interactive experience: one that involves a combination of video, audio, text, discussion, and, most importantly, a personal connection to your teacher.  This is meant to be the opposite of a passive experience: this is an immersion into whatever topic you want to learn.


Guided Learning

This isn't your typical online Jewish course.  This is guided learning, where you'll be guided step-by-step through a process.  No more sitting down for 1 hour lectures.  No more reading crazy long articles.  Imagine an actual class, but online.

Unique Classes

These aren't your typical parsha classes.  Every single class we do is meant to enrich your life in a unique way, whether it be by finding God in gardening or writing from the perspective of our forefathers or a support group for the mentally "ill". 


The Best TEachers

We have gathered a group of incredible teachers.  One or two are rabbis, but most aren't. Why? Because of our philosophy that everyone has something to teach: and we want to teach you the most unique, amazing things, from art to cooking, from the best people.