About us

Hevria has grown from a simple group blog to a full-blown Jewish media network.  It started with our online Jewish creativity marketplace, Hevria.Market, to the Hevria Sessions, a music video series, to now, Hevria.Academy, our online learning site.

Our goal is simple: to unite all Jews and non-Jews who have a passion for Judaism, but who want something more, something more creative and alive, out of their experience.   We see this community of people, and how desperately they need something different than the standard Jewish fare, and we are doing everything we can to fill that void.

Hevria is about bringing the spirituality into creativity.  It's about building a community of people who want the same thing we yearn for.  And it's about reminding the Jewish world and beyond that they probably want it too, even if they don't know they do.

Welcome to Hevria.  We hope you'll stay around.

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